The Introverts Guide To Recharging

I am probably the worlds biggest introvert and this is my quick little guide for recharging if you, like me, are an introvert. Contrary to popular belief, being an introvert doesn’t necessarily mean you’re shy – it just means you need to take time out to be alone and recharge.

Some of these suggestions also work if you’ve had a difficult day and need a break from the world – we’ve all been there! Hopefully the tips in this post will

Accept Your Introverted Ways

While being an introvert or extrovert isn’t a strict binary – some people are extroverted introverts, or flip between introverted and extroverted. Regardless, the first step to recharging is acknowledging that sometimes you need to be around people and sometimes you need time alone.

At the same time, however, make sure you aren’t completely isolating yourself! You might only need ten minutes away from the world, you might need an hour, you might need a day. Regardless of how long you take for yourself, consider getting yourself out of the house at least once a day – go for a walk, plan to get coffee with a friend in the future, grab something quick from the shops. You’ll appreciate the recharge time more if you mix up how you’re spending your time.

Take A Blogging Break

In January I took a week off from blogging after burning out a little bit too fast (it turns out, four posts a week isn’t sustainable for me!) and it really, really did help. Once the week was up I was ready to dive back in and start scheduling to give myself the month of February already scheduled in place. Definitely try to work at least a week ahead of your planned blogging!

If blogging is really stressing you out in the long term, considering dropping the amount of posts you’re making, by one or two! If you want to condense your posts into one really good discussion post a week, do it, and see how it works. This will help prevent you from burning out creatively and mean that when you take time for yourself, it really is time for yourself – not time for your blog.

Step Back From Social Media

Last week I discovered the amazing function of turning your phone on aeroplane mode, especially if you feel like you rely upon your phone too much. I did this for a week, leaving my phone out of my reach for increasing amounts of time, and my mental health definitely improved because of it! If you have an Instagram or Twitter for blogging, try to allocate specific times or places to do this – don’t be constantly working on promoting your blog. The views, likes and commenting of blogging traffic will be there when you come back from your recharge, so stop stressing so much about it. Put yourself first!

Clean Your Space

Even if you hate tidying and cleaning, trust me, it is so much easier and fulfilling to relax after you’ve done chores. Put some music on, tidy away the clothing scattered across your floor (no judgement, we’ve all been there), and put your laundry on.


This is my new secret weapon: headspace. If you’ve got Spotify Student Premium, you can get Headspace for free. It is a guided meditation app that helps with a range of things, from anxiety to anger to getting to sleep at night. I was skeptical about it working, but the basic pack of introduction meditation session are free, so give them a try! This mentioned isn’t sponsored, but Headspace… well, if you’re reading this, hit me up some time (highly unlikely, I know, but a girl can dream). I’m a huge fan of Headspace and I think a lot of fellow bloggers could get some real beneficial use of out it.

What do you do to relax and recharge? Let me know in the comments!


20 thoughts on “The Introverts Guide To Recharging

  1. This was a great find on my Saturday morning so first off, I thank you.

    Secondly, I must add that “acceptance” is a huge part of embracing my introversion. I’ve felt I was just not as interesting as others or as fun but in fact I am! I just have a different way of recharging and sometimes a different definition of fun…
    Accepting helped me a lot a few years ago and I will be forever grateful

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  2. “being an introvert doesn’t necessarily mean you’re shy – it just means you need to take time out to be alone and recharge” 👏 I love people, but they exhaust me! my roommate is great, but I absolutely cannot wait to move into a single next year.

    my phone is usually in do-not-disturb mode throughout the day, which does mean I occasionally miss a group text to meet up for dinner or cramming, but oh well. it’s also done wonders for my productivity 😉

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  3. If I feel stressed and need some space in my mind I go for a walk. Sometimes a shorter one sometimes long. Sometimes I just like to listen to music other times I preferred to be with my own thoughts.
    I definitely agree with the tidying! I alway throw my cloths on the floo… but when I clean my room I feel so great afterwards! :D

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  4. Oh no! I’m glad you got over the burnout, though! I’ve found doing sporadic sometimes and then going to one a week and now two (not including cobloggers) has allowed me to get over potential burnouts on the blog. Plus I’m learning to not stress about not posting on certain days because there are always future days to post as well. As long as it’s not a blog tour or something that has to be up like a cover reveal, then I’m not as stressed about it.

    I use a lot of social media, but I’ve been doing better with less Twitter and Instagram, even though I hop on to lurk. Plus with comments, I try not to stress on that as well since it’s an endless cycle. Would it really matter if I don’t get to that post right away? LOL.

    These are lovely tips, Lottie! <3

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    1. Thank you! I think I hold myself to very high blogging standards and it makes me stress myself out to think about not meeting those standards. I was definitely posting too much – I got really excited about the blogging topics I wanted to talk about, but keep pressing myself to come up with more and more posts. I think in February I’ll be taking it a bit more slowly, haha.


  5. Such good tips! I totally agree with these tips. I find that cleaning can be really relaxing and well I don’t really use my phone that much anymore- I find it relieving not to have to check and reply to messages all the time.
    Lovely post!

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  6. These are all such good tips for recharging if you’re an introvert! I myself am an introvert and I’ve known this from a young age, just through how spending time with people, even my best friend/s drains me of energy. I usually need a day of not seeing anyone outside of my family to recharge, sometimes I’ll go on walks and listen to a podcast. (though walking and listening to a podcast is a recent thing).

    Loved this post Lottie!

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    1. Thank you! I’m usually okay around people I see a lot, but if I’m having a big day out (being in lots of crowds, around new places, etc) then I like to have a day indoors to relax. I think ideally I like being out and social for a little bit each day to keep that balance perfect.


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