3 Essential Steps To Using Twitter As A Blogger

In this post I’ll be sharing my top three tips for using Twitter as a blogger.

Up until January, I didn’t really understand Twitter for blogging but I’ve come to realise that experiencing Twitter is very dependent on being involved in the right communities. This month I’ve been talking about How To Write Your First Blog Post and How To Write A Book Review so now we’ve covered starting up content for your blog, the second half of this month is all about getting that content seen and shared! In this post I’ll be sharing my top three tips for using Twitter as a blogger.

1. Personality, Personality, Personality

Still a work in progress, but you get the point: putting forward yourself as a person as well as a blogger will make people more eager to interact with you. The blogging community is super welcoming, and you will be able to find a lot of opportunities through the friendships you make!

This goes without saying, but make sure you have a twitter account that focuses on presenting you, your interests and your blog in a favourable light. A good icon and header are a must, as well as a link to your blog and something brief in your bio. You need to make sure your account looks like it is owned and run by a real person, because constantly sharing blog posts can make accounts look spammy. Make your personality and interests clear, and you will more likely draw people in! While you’re at it, drop me a follow on Twitter!

2. Linking Twitter and WordPress

Make sure to customise your message for WordPress to tweet on your behalf!

Once you link Twitter to your WordPress blog, not only will you be able to use the Jetpack plugin to automatically share your post, but you will be mentioned whenever someone shares your post from WordPress on Twitter.

The former is the more important. All WordPress blogs automatically have the Jetpack – this allows you to automatically set up a tweet when your blog post goes live. I find this feature super helpful because it means that I don’t have to keep remembering to share my blog posts on Twitter.

Furthermore, it might be a good idea to create a tweet listing all of your social media and set it as your pinned tweet. Alternatively, pin each tweet for your latest blog post. Whatever you do, utilise the pinned tweet function to promote your blog!

3. Find Your Community

Hashtags are also good places to browse. I started off with #bloggerswanted where you can find brands looking to connect, other bloggers looking for guests posts, and people willing to read any and all blog posts thrown their way. From this you can find a lot of other people willing to share blog posts, within and outside of your niche.

Remember to stay genuine, and only follow/link/comment upon posts you’re genuinely interested in. It is easy to allow yourself to become obsessed over numbers but in the end, your twitter goal should be finding your audience and community that are interested in what you have to say – not be seeking to add another zero to your follow count.

The above three tips have all been based on my personal experience of Twitter so far, and I hope to do an update post in the future with more tips and tricks! In the meantime, let me know…

Do you use Twitter for your blog? What tips and tricks do you have? Drop them in the comments below!

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17 thoughts on “3 Essential Steps To Using Twitter As A Blogger”

  1. Great tips, I 1000% agree to make sure your personality shines through on your bio! I only follow accounts that look like real people, but also those that take the time to interact and boost others. I don’t want to have someone flooding my TL with only their own self-promo.

    Honestly I never really got twitter until I decided to use it for my book blog, and the past 10 months since that choice has been amazing! I am a huge advocate of the platform and it’s totally my fave.

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  2. I joined Twitter in 2009 and started logging in 2017, so it’s a mixture. I got negative feedback on sharing my blogs to Twitter, because I already use Bloglovin for that and then also WordPress which leads to double posting at nearly the same time.

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  3. I have all social media’s but I mostly use Twitter and IG to keep up with my personality. My Twitter is more “professional” because I also have a personal Twitter account so most of my fangirling is there 😂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Twitter has been great for me as a blogger but there are definite etiquette guidelines ie not bombarding people with links / book sales. Useful tips thanks – publishing Tweets from WP is a time-saver and it is all about the personality!

    Liked by 1 person

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