May Reading Goals and More

It’s May, which means the end of my second year of university, and this post is in fact scheduled to go live three days before my final exam for university on the 8th May. It’s exciting, and potentially the last exam I’ll ever have to do.

May Monthly Goals

Reading Goals…

Since I will be having a lot more time to myself once I’ve finished university, this month I want to finish all my main reading for my dissertation. Keep up to date with everything happening with my dissertation and major project with my new Dissertation Diaries series!

Blogging Goals…

Over Christmas I managed to get a schedule of posts going quite regularly and I want to replicate this over summer. Ideally, I’d like to create content that I can have in a backlog and schedule throughout both semesters of my final year at university – content that applies universally and isn’t tied to a specific event. I want a minimum of one post a week, always. Realistically this means having at least 26 posts – 13 for each term – ready to go. It might sound like a lot, but I have several months off and not much contact time next year, so… I guess this is more of a goal for the entirety of summer rather than just May, but still a good thing to aim for.

Writing Goals…

A lot of my writing content is going to be talked about in my Dissertation Diaries series, but I hope I’ll start working on another (much shorter) creative writing project over summer, or possibly several smaller projects, purely to get more practice in. I haven’t been in a proper writing routine for a long time and that is one of my goals over summer.

What have you been listening recently? Do we share a similar music taste? Drop your thoughts in the comments below!

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9 thoughts on “May Reading Goals and More”

  1. Good luck on creating a backlog of content! I’m also trying to work on that as well so there’s less worry during the school year in case I get busy with projects or just feel too overwhelmed to create posts. I hope you’ll achieve that before the school year starts up again!


  2. I’ve been struggling with scheduling myself! It’s really hard to schedule too much in advance though because you have to have material to schedule it about, like books read and such. I’ve always struggled with that! Hope it goes well for you though :)


  3. Great goals! Hope you are able to achieve them!
    Having posts ready to post is so useful and I plan to do it so I have about 15 posts ready to go by the end of the summer because while I keep writing my posts through the week it’s easy to have something to post in case I don’t get enough time!


  4. I would also like to schedule posts ahead of time but I’m so bad at it. I’ve been listening to ME! by Taylor Swift featuring Brendon Urie, Good luck on your goals!


  5. I love your blogging goal. It’s definitely something I’d love to have as well, but I don’t think I’ll have any vacation in the near future :( oh well, I guess I’ll have to stick with “weekend writing” instead. But having some backlog of blog posts sounds so gooooood :D

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