Goodreads Challenge Update

I was inspired by IncessantBookworm‘s post about her progress with her Goodreads reading challenge. I’ve had the goal of 50 books for the past couple of years but never got above about forty books, but with my dissertation starting I think this will be the year I at least meet 50 books.

Goodreads Reading Challenge Update

So far, I have read 26 books out of my goal of 50 books.

1. Myth and Creative Writing: The Self-Renewing Song
2. Teach Yourself Creative Writing
3. Why I Write: Thoughts on the Craft of Fiction
4. Fiction 2000: Cyberpunk and the Future of Narrative
5. Key Concepts in Creative Writing
6. Write Away: One Novelist’s Approach to Fiction and the Writing Life
7. How Fiction Works
8. Reading Like a Writer: A Guide for People Who Love Books and for Those Who Want to Write Them
9. In Defense of Animals: The Second Wave
10. Animal Liberation
11. The Hunter
12. The French Lieutenant’s Woman
13. A Tiger for Malgudi
14. Broken Angels (Takeshi Kovacs, #2)
15. Altered Carbon (Takeshi Kovacs, #1)
16. The Passion of New Eve
17. Birds Nest: Poems
18. The Waste Land
19. The Call of the Wild/White Fang
20. The Metamorphosis
21. Great Expectations
22. The Island of Doctor Moreau
23. The Best Short Stories of Edgar Allan Poe
24. Krapp’s Last Tape & Embers
25. Orlando
26. Frankenstein

As you can tell by this list, it is mostly books from my university degree which covered literature in modern society, books looking at the relationship between humans and animals, and books for my dissertations – both creative writing and cyberpunk related.

I’m quite proud of my progress so far, and I think by the end of summer I’ll be at least 30 and hopefully closer to 40.

Do you take part in the Goodreads reading challenge? How are you getting along with it? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Going good !! Half year, half way in the goal – hopefully you can read books for fun this summer and pick your own :)
    I have already passed my goal of 15, I’ve read 19 so far !! which kind of baffle me to be honest xD definately a change, reading books way faster than when I started the blog.

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  2. That’s awesome, way to go! I’m unfortunately still about 5 books behind (2nd semester was…hard on reading) but hopefully I can make up for it during the summer.


  3. OOOOOOO did you review Altered Carbon? I was just looking at that yesterday to buy and ended up going “you have so many other books to get through it can wait until the credit card is happier with you”. Did you watch the show on Netflix and that’s how you got onto it?

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