Meet the Writing Projects: ALICE IN CYBERLÆND

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post talking about the writing projects I’m working on at the moment. This is the first of a series of blog posts going more deeply into the specific projects I’m working on. This week we’re starting with ALICE IN CYBERLÆND, the project I’m working on in between blogging. It’s time to Meet The Writing Projects!


The biggest influences of this project are Grimes’ music – in particular, Miss Anthropocene (2020). I love the apocalyptic, space, digital-world vibes. I am also influenced by my home city, London. The project was original set in Los Angeles but I kept running into problems, so I changed the setting to London. I am, of course, also hugely inspired by the work of William Gibson and Richard K. Morgan, as well as the showrunners and writers of Netflix’s Altered Carbon.

I’ve done a wide range of reading in the cyberpunk genre and it is quite refreshing to really grip a genre. I’m writing ALICE IN CYBERLÆND to fill narrative spots that I can see from all my worth within the genre on an academic level.


I use Pinterest boards to gather together visual materials and gain a sense of the aesthetics of the world I’m building. This is because I do very little planning going into projects. With ALICE IN CYBERLÆND, I’ve attempted to write this before as a short story so I have a better idea that going into this blind. I’ll probably be doing little bits of planning alongside immersing myself in the Pinterest board and the soundtrack.


That leads me onto the music. Listening to a soundtrack is hugely important for me when I’m writing – especially that first draft. I’ll typically use the same kinds of music to promote the same kinds of “feel” to what I’m writing. I’ve compiled a playlist that I use when I’m writing! It would be embedded, but WordPress isn’t working with me today. It’s mostly comprised of Grimes’ Miss Anthropocene and Art Angels, as well as some cyberpunk-inspired music and generally anything that gives me Cyberpunk London vibes.


ALICE IN CYBERLÆND is themed around poverty, capitalism, and the divide between rich/poor. It’s also inspired by the themes you’d expect from anything cyberpunk: a distrust in authority, corruption, and technological bodies versus organic bodies.


I’ve written the first page and done a couple of snippets here and there. I have probably the first chapter planned but I’m steering away from strict divisions of the story and going instead for writing it all as one piece (with scene divisions) and then assessing the chapter situation later.

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Are you involved in any creative projects right now? Tell me about it in the comments!

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