The best (and worst) online writing communities

Not all online writing communities were created equal. It doesn’t take much effort to find one – but it does take work to find the right writing community for you. Before I start ranking the pros and cons of each online writing community I’ve been in, I should run through what I mean by an… Continue reading The best (and worst) online writing communities

Lottie’s Spring Cleaning Blogging Checklist

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Blogs need to change, adapt and grow with the blogger. Spring is often a time people clean out their homes in preparation for spring turning to summer. In my last post about NaNoWriMo and creativity troubles, I mentioned the checklist I am working through to improve my blog. In this post, I’m applying the spring… Continue reading Lottie’s Spring Cleaning Blogging Checklist

How To Create The Perfect Space To Write

I'm a firm believer in the power of having the right space to work. In today’s blog post I’m discussing the essential things you need to consider when putting together a comfortable (and, more importantly, productive) space to write. All suggestions are optimised for use during lockdown! What A Writing Space “Should” Look Like Traditionally,… Continue reading How To Create The Perfect Space To Write

How I Write My Undergraduate Literature Essays

I’m about to graduate with a BA in English Literature with Creative Writing. I’m currently averaging a 70%+ (a first) and I like to think I’m pretty well versed in writing a good, structured, well-argued English Literature essay. In today’s post I’m going to outline each of the steps I take towards producing the best… Continue reading How I Write My Undergraduate Literature Essays