Meet the Writing Projects: JIMMY WEST KILLED A MAN

This is the next post in my Meeting The Writing Projects series! Today we’re talking about JIMMY WEST KILLED A MAN, which I mentioned in a post last month, What I'm Writing Right Now. Influences JIMMY WEST KILLED A MAN is influenced by the works of Gillian Flynn and the novel Lolita. The best way… Continue reading Meet the Writing Projects: JIMMY WEST KILLED A MAN

The Important Things Creative Writing Classes Taught Me

Featured image of a woman sitting in a coffee shop.

Creative writing courses have a reputation for being useless. While I understand the sentiment, and I agree some should be viewed with caution, I’m against the automatic dismissal of any and all creative writing courses. During my three years at university, I’ve studied three creative writing courses: beginning, intermediate, and advanced. I won’t go into… Continue reading The Important Things Creative Writing Classes Taught Me

How To Create The Perfect Space To Write

I'm a firm believer in the power of having the right space to work. In today’s blog post I’m discussing the essential things you need to consider when putting together a comfortable (and, more importantly, productive) space to write. All suggestions are optimised for use during lockdown! What A Writing Space “Should” Look Like Traditionally,… Continue reading How To Create The Perfect Space To Write

What I’m Writing Right Now

It has been some time since I’ve written an update about my writing. This is for one simple reason: all I had time to dedicate towards were my university projects, and I didn’t want to write a blog post when the details of these projects were changing faster than I could keep track. In the… Continue reading What I’m Writing Right Now

10 Creative Writing Prompts

In today's post I'm trying out an idea I have been wanting to do for some time. The concept is creating my own creative writing prompts based upon photography. Some images are targeted towards specific genres and others are broader. I have also included questions below each image for the non-visual writers amongst us. Ocean… Continue reading 10 Creative Writing Prompts