The Important Things Creative Writing Classes Taught Me

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Creative writing courses have a reputation for being useless. While I understand the sentiment, and I agree some should be viewed with caution, I’m against the automatic dismissal of any and all creative writing courses. During my three years at university, I’ve studied three creative writing courses: beginning, intermediate, and advanced. I won’t go into… Continue reading The Important Things Creative Writing Classes Taught Me

How I Write My Undergraduate Literature Essays

I’m about to graduate with a BA in English Literature with Creative Writing. I’m currently averaging a 70%+ (a first) and I like to think I’m pretty well versed in writing a good, structured, well-argued English Literature essay. In today’s post I’m going to outline each of the steps I take towards producing the best… Continue reading How I Write My Undergraduate Literature Essays

Planning for Graduation

In all honesty I’m not yet sure if I will have an in-person graduation, or even any graduation at all, but come this summer I will be finished with my three-year BA in English Literature with Creative Writing. Covid–19 has definitely shaken up how I was expecting this year to go, and has made planning… Continue reading Planning for Graduation

What I’m Writing Right Now

It has been some time since I’ve written an update about my writing. This is for one simple reason: all I had time to dedicate towards were my university projects, and I didn’t want to write a blog post when the details of these projects were changing faster than I could keep track. In the… Continue reading What I’m Writing Right Now

Finishing Dissertations During A Pandemic

Covid–19 has affected everyone, but for final-year university students, it has turned a difficult time into an even more challenging one. We’re already thinking about graduation, final assignments, entering the world of work, finding the right career, and finding a new place to live. A pandemic outbreak happening at the same time has created chaos upon chaos.