Meet the Writing Projects: ALICE IN CYBERLÆND

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post talking about the writing projects I’m working on at the moment. This is the first of a series of blog posts going more deeply into the specific projects I’m working on. This week we’re starting with ALICE IN CYBERLÆND, the project I’m working on in between… Continue reading Meet the Writing Projects: ALICE IN CYBERLÆND

What’s On My Autumn TBR?

I was inspired to write this from a post by Lisa @ WayTooFantasy! I have a lot of books to read over the next couple of months and this is a perfect time to run through some of them. What's On My Autumn TBR? Dissertation Books These are all books for my dissertation about women… Continue reading What’s On My Autumn TBR?

An Essential Guide To The World of Cyberpunk

As you know if you've been reading my Dissertation Diaries series, I've taken a deep dive into the cyberpunk genre. For awhile now I've had an idea to put together a basic guide for anyone interested either in taking their first steps into cyberpunk, or for hardcore science fiction fans who want to make sure… Continue reading An Essential Guide To The World of Cyberpunk

Book Of The Week: Mona Lisa Overdrive

It's time for Book Of The Week again. In this post I'll be talking about Mona Lisa Overdrive, one of my dissertation books and effectively the sequel to Neuromancer, both of which are written by William Gibson. Click here to read about my previous Book Of The Week posts. Mona Lisa Overdrive Title: Mona Lisa… Continue reading Book Of The Week: Mona Lisa Overdrive

Trying To Read Everything – Dissertation Diaries

I haven't written a dissertation update post in a few weeks and figured it was time for an update! Click here to catch up with all the previous Dissertation Diaries episodes. Trying To Read Everything I recently joined my local library and this obviously gave me access to a lot of places to study, and… Continue reading Trying To Read Everything – Dissertation Diaries